Marketplace Listing Services

Our team drives results beyond traditional search engines. Through marketplace opportunities, such as Amazon Marketplace Services, we help brands expand existing search initiatives and get in front of prospective buyers at the most impactful moments.

How We Work With Amazon

Amazon product listing services and other marketplace listings enable e-commerce brands to bid on product search and banner ads within retailers’ websites. When done correctly, brands are able to come up at the top of search results on these sites, reaching potential customers when they are ready to buy.

We help clients optimize their keywords specifically for marketplace platforms and develop custom PPC management strategies to reach their goals. For instance, within Amazon, we are able to drive traffic and promote products through a number of formats including headline search ads, sponsored product ads, and product display ads.

By taking a comprehensive approach to search that incorporates non-traditional platforms, our team enables clients to expand their reach and create additional opportunities to influence buyers.