Angstroms’s dedicated Amazon team offers Amazon optimization services for customers seeking this service. Angstrom works with leading Retail, OEM, and CPG brands who want to take advantage of Amazon’s focused marketing solutions to find scale and efficiency within their programs.

How We Work With Amazon

  • Advanced Reporting—Better Insights Faster: Brands that are able to answer critical questions faster than their competitors are set up to elevate their success faster. For Sponsored Ads, Rise has developed customized reporting that provides performance dimensions not yet available within the Vendor Central (VC) tools. This includes, but is not limited to, synced VC and Sponsored Ad reporting and analysis, historical data (beyond 60 days), performance by category, keywords across Amazon and Paid Search, and brand vs. non-brand performance. For Amazon DSP, Rise provides both granularity and transparency in custom reports that fit specific clients’ needs.

  • Integration With Paid Search & Programmatic Outside Of Amazon: Angstrom applies unique strategies to connect Amazon investments with other digital marketing channels so they are working together in harmony. In Sponsored Ads, Rise leverages proprietary methods for integrating Google Ads and Bing strategies as well as competitive insights. For Amazon DSP, through the Angstrom Trading Desk, we are able to integrate audience targeting strategies between Amazon and external third-party exchanges.

  • Product Listing Optimization: Angstrom helps brands enhance their product listing pages so they are optimized for organic search while still maintaining brand voice.

  • Custom Store Pages: Angstrom designs custom store pages that are built to represent the brand experience while optimizing for Amazon performance.

  • A Business-First Amazon Strategy: CRaP Products can hinder a brand’s Amazon performance so it is vital for them to understand how to avoid and manage them. Angstrom can also help brands understand the importance of measuring how Amazon Ad sales influence lifts in COGS and Amazon Purchase Order data to help determine the right balance for success.

Contact us today to have a team of Amazon experts manage your current Amazon programs or develop a new Amazon marketing strategy.